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News & Updates

Design a T-Shirt, Win Some Stuff

9 hours ago
We’ve noticed consistent requests roll in for a Solidoodle t-shirt. It’s a great way to let the world know you’re a 3D-printing

4th of July Sale!

28 days ago
In celebration of Independence Day, we’re offering special deals on our 3rd and 4th Generation 3D printers with $100 off and a free 2lb spool of  red, white or blue filament! Offer ends this Sunday at midnight EDT.    

Q&A With e-NABLE Founder Jon Schull

1 months ago
By far, one of the most inspirational and impressive projects that’s come from the 3D printing/DIY community has been the work we’re seeing on open-source assistive devices, and one online organization that is playing a major role in making this happen is a group called e-NABLE, started by Dr. Jon Schull of Rochester Institute of [...]

Q&A with STAR Education on 3D Printing in the Classroom

1 months ago
We were excited to hear about STAR Inc., based in Los Angeles, using 3D printers (including Solidoodles) to teach design to students from third grade through high school. STAR Inc. has programs across the country and has been recognized by the White House and US Department of Education as a model program.  We recently spoke with [...]

AOL and Delta Airlines Highlight 3D Printing

1 months ago
AOL just released an episode of Tech Download on 3D printing, sponsored by Delta Airlines. Check out the video featuring our CEO Sam Cervantes and Production Manager Jeff Scott discussing how 3D printing is being used right now to do some amazing things.